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Genetic testing is an integral part of personalized medicine and helps develop a personalized life plan.

Genetic testing provides us with knowledge about the predisposition to hereditary diseases such as cardiovascular 

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Metabolism and health. The DNA Test measures significant changes in 14 gene targets.


Check out a set of foods you suspect may be causing you discomfort.


Estimate your risk of cardiovascular disease with the cardiogenetics test.


It takes about 7 years for a rare condition to be diagnosed. Convert years to days.

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What is?

The Food Allergy food sensitivity test checks 57 food factors and shows us the percentage of sensitivity we may have to some of them.

Why Should I?

The Food Allergy food sensitivity test helps us understand which foods are causing the symptoms we are dealing with (such as indigestion, intolerance, abdominal pain, bloating, etc.). Thus, in combination with the health professional who monitors you, you create the appropriate nutritional plan to get rid of them and have a better quality of life.

What is?

The Clinical Nutri service tests 14 genes and identifies genetic predisposition to metabolic-related diseases.

Why should I do it?

The Clinical Nutri service is for those looking for better health through their diet! It helps us create a personalized nutrition plan by providing basic information about our body’s abilities e.g. gluten intolerance.

What is?

The Cardio Predical service tests 12 gene targets and shows whether you have optimal levels of gene regulation for a healthy cardiovascular system.

Why should I do it?

Do you have certain risk factors for developing heart disease, such as increased body fat, weight changes, elevated cholesterol, high blood pressure, or a personal or family history of heart disease? Then the Cardio Predical test provides everything you need to understand your symptoms and use it as a heart disease prevention guide.

What is?

Gene Predical’s service is a complete genomic analysis (WES) genetic test. It is applied in the DNA Therapeutics laboratory with great reliability as it is an innovative test, which allows a detailed analysis of many genes in your DNA.

Why should I do it?

With Gene Predical, the mapping of the functional human genome is achieved and thus the attending physician has all the necessary information to diagnose diseases faster and more reliably.

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